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Some journeys take a 100 days to begin.

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The Challenge

When I started the #100DaysOfWriting challenge, I didn't know what I was doing, until I did. I want to make is easier for other writers to start their own challenges and enjoy the journey of writing, and hopefully the tips below are useful to do just that. 


What’s the #100DaysofWriting Challenge?

The challenge was launched in 2014 by on social media by myself and fellow writer Shahd Thani, as a way to practice the habit of dedication and sharing for the love of words. The challenge collectively brought together and encouraged authors all around the world to improve their writing skills by writing everyday for 100 days. 


How do I start the challenge?

Many young writers have been asking me about how I started this challenge, or how I commit to posting every day.

I wish I could say that there was some ritual to make it easy to begin.  A secret technique that helps kickstart the flow of words on paper, but I’m afraid there is only the one age-old advice I can provide—just start.

Put the words down even when you’re not inspired to. Even when you’re struggling for to maintain an articulate mind. Just write it down, even if you think it’s unworthy (I promise you it is not).

You can use prompts as an inspirational starting point—images or lines from other authors/writers/singers (don’t forget to credit), and just build your thoughts from there. 

The only trick is sit down and get the job of writing done —an advice many great writers have shared repeatedly.

And don't be scared to share your work. You never know what valuable lesson you'll learn from other writers, or what other writers will be learning from you. Share your work with others, put your writing to the test, get feedback, and continue honing your craft.

Okay, so I wrote something... what's next? 

Next you share it to a wider audience. On your social media accounts or blog. If you started with a writing community, send it to them. Do it for a 100 days. It may seem daunting, but the only way to grow is if you push your boundaries. 

And don't forget to use the hashtag #100DaysOfWriting