Constellations of Home

Some journeys take a 100 days to begin.

A collection of poetry and prose, written by Asma Al Jailani, now available on Amazon

Asma Al Jailani (Asma A.J) is a writer and poet based in sunny Abu Dhabi, UAE.

She leads a double life as a communications professional by day, and a writer and poet by night (and on weekends).

In her free time (almost always at night), Asma spends it writing short stories and  chapters of a possible novel , scribbling poetry or blogging about books and life. She also writes articles on on a range of topics, including personal growth and women empowerment. Her opinion pieces have been featured on The National, a widely read English newspaper in the UAE.

Asma is a founding member of Untitled Chapters, a home-grown initiative by Emirati women for Emirati women.  Untitled Chapters allows female Emirati writers the space to grow in their craft and share their written work with a targeted audience.

Constellations of Home is Asma’s first self-published work.