Constellations of Home

Some journeys take a 100 days to begin.

A collection of poetry and prose, written by Asma Al Jailani, now available on Amazon

4:00 PM16:00

Literaturhaus at Nadi - How the skill of writing becomes the journey of writing

Literaturhaus at Nadi - Al Serkal Avenue

Literaturhaus at Nadi - Al Serkal Avenue

Asma Al Jailani committed herself to a #100DaysofWriting Challenge, where she posted a daily piece of writing on her public Instagram account. In this talk, Al Jailani will discuss her own experiences around how to begin work on a novel idea, methods to spark inspiration, writing habits and what the writing process entails. This conversation will focus broadly on a writer’s journey, building on the importance of self-learning, discipline, and dedication. The talk will be moderated by Dr Alyazia Khalifa.

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